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Pacific Feast: A Cook's Guide to West Coast Foraging and Cuising

* Features more than 60 recipes from some of the Pacific Coast's best chefs, including David Tanis, Maria Hines, Dustin Clark, Kirsten Dixon, and Tom Douglas * Twenty essays about foraging adventures with veteran naturalist and wilderness guide Jennifer Hahn * Accessible and inspiring, Pacific Feast will appeal to home cooks and nature lovers alike * Conveys a strong conservation and sustainability message throughout the recipes and stories Once thought to be the stuff of back-to-the-landers, foraging has become a gourmet pastime.  Especially fortunate are those of us who live along the Pacific Coast -- from the Californian Coast area to Puget Sound to Anchorage -- where the climate provides many a delicacy in our wild (and not so wild) spaces. Pacific Feast shares expert advice on how to identify the good eats, harvest responsibly, and create delicious meals with your finds.

Pacific Feast: Foraging Guide

Great stocking stuffer for food and nature enthusiasts * Durable, water-resistant format The Pacific Coast Foraging Guide provides quick-reference identification for 45 wild foods commonly foraged in the Pacific Coast region, from the Californian Coast north to Alaska -- including mushrooms, nettles, shellfish, berries, sea veggies, and more. Designed to complement Jennifer Hahn's cookbook Pacific Feast, stand by itself as well as any foraging guide to the region, this laminated, fold-out card features identification photographs by Mac Smith, Jennifer Hahn, and other northwest photographers. Basic information about each species, and a summary of ethical harvesting guidelines is included within.


Spirited Waters: Soloing South Through the Inside Passage

* Mixes adventure travel with natural history * Includes the author's hand-drawn illustrations In this insightful account of her solo voyage in a sixteen-foot kayak, Jennifer Hahn vividly relates the ecstatic moments and terrifying predicaments of paddling against the wind through Alaska's Inside Passage. Hahn's adventures include dramatic encounters with animals and heartwarming experiences with coastal characters. Much more than a memoir, Spirited Waters is a remarkable blend of adventure travel, natural history, and personal challenge.